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    Instructional Technology Department

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    The Cheektowaga Sloan School District’s approach to technology education is summed up in two stages:  Introduction to new software and gradual Mastery. With the goal of improving student performance in Regents and State Assessments, the technology plan intends to provide a direct bond between classroom teaching and the New York State Common Core Learning Standards. 

    Our Goal is to provide seamless integration which enables a teacher to move between projected online media, individualized intervention and single-point teacher access to a student’s portfolio. This multi-directional approach aims to find the student’s specific doorway for comprehension of the subject at hand,  and allow the teacher to help the learner overcome obstacles of any nature.

    As with all other school resources, the school district takes great care in providing a safe, harassment-free learning environment for students. Our Acceptable Use Policy, specifically reflects our zero-tolerance policy towards Cyber-Bullying and any other form of harassment or abuse by means of electronic resources. The AUP signed by parents, creates an agreement and notification to parents, directing students towards a positive and educational experience with technology.

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