• Principal Letter Regarding Pivot to 100% Remote Learning

    Posted by Jeffrey S. Mochrie on 11/20/2020 3:55:00 PM

    Dear TR Families, 

    The purpose of this letter is to provide our elementary families with our learning plan as we temporarily pivot to remote instruction beginning on Monday, November 23, 2020.

    The District's priority is to resume in-person instruction as soon as we are able to do so in a safe manner and in a way that complies with COVID-19 testing should we move back into the yellow zone.  Knowing that this shift to remote learning is temporary, our priority is to maintain the current schedule for both our remote and hybrid learners that we worked hard to put in place for our children since September.  Our goal is to minimize confusion and promote consistency.

    The current programming for our 100% Remote Students who have been learning remotely since September will remain unchanged as we anticipate this pivot to be short term.  In addition to our hope of returning to in-person learning as soon as possible, we wanted to respect the decision that our parents made who selected and committed to remote learning for the first twenty-week period of time.  We did not want to disrupt the schedule that our current remote learners have been following so again, please note that our current remote learners will not need to do anything differently. 

    The synchronous schedule that we have used on Wednesdays for all remote and hybrid students will continue to be followed for all students as it has been all year.

    To keep the schedule as clear, simple and consistent as possible for our elementary students who have been learning in the hybrid model, the following will take place:

    Cohort A Students:  Students will log into ZOOM following the enclosed schedule on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. 

    Cohort B Students: Students will log into ZOOM following the enclosed schedule on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week.  

    On the remote days for Group A (Thursday/Friday) and Group B (Monday/Tuesday), students will continue to log into their Google Classroom and complete their daily work no later than midnight each day.  This is the same process that students have been following all year.  This should continue and is unchanged.

    In addition, special areas will remain part of your child’s schedule using Zoom as well. Please continue to follow that schedule, which will be posted in Google Classrooms. 

    Teachers have been preparing our students on how to join and work remotely for synchronous/live Zoom instruction using their school Chromebook for the past few months.  We did this to best prepare all students should we need to pivot to remote learning.  We are confident that all students are comfortable and prepared for this temporary transition.

    We want to also reassure you that despite the change in venue, we will do all that we can to make sure your children continue to learn and grow.  Our goal is to encourage the children to function as independently as possible at home, and to reduce the stress as much as possible for you and your families.

    Please reach out to us directly if you need any assistance or help navigating this temporary shift to remote learning.  We are here to help all families and support our students so that all learners can continue to grow and shine.


    Mr. Jeffrey S. Mochrie, Principal of Theodore Roosevelt


    ABC Days

    DEF Days



    Attendance, Circles and Morning Meetings

    Attendance, Circles and Morning Meetings







    PE- K(A), 1st (B), 2nd (C)

     Library- 1st (A), 2nd (B), K (C) 

     Art- 2nd (A), K (B), 1st (C)

    PE- K(D), 1st (E), 2nd (F)

     Music- 1st (D), 2nd (E), K (F) 

    Library- 2nd (D), K (E), 1st (F)







    ELA/Science/Social Studies

    ELA/Science/Social Studies







    Small Group Instruction

    Independent Student Work

    Chorus, Clubs, Student Lighthouse

    Remediation/AIS/Special Education

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  • Updates from Mr. Mochrie

    Posted by Jeff Mochrie on 10/19/2020

    TR Parents,

    I am unfortunately writing to inform you that due to the pandemic we are cancelling our annual Trunk or Treat event and will be modifying our traditional Halloween celebrations. The county is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases and we must continue to be vigilant with the safety of our students and our families to ensure all the hard work of opening our schools can continue in a positive direction.

    The students in the hybrid model are doing a fabulous job wearing masks, socially distancing, washing hands, and adjusting to our new environment. Thank you to all parents for your continued support and hard work in making our school year start up successfully. We are looking forward to the day we can welcome all the students back safely.

    Please continue to ensure your child is in attendance 5 days a week through whichever option your child is currently participating in. Logging into the Google Classroom each day is vital for work completion and student attendance. We also need all students in attendance on Zoom Meetings each Wednesday. Additionally, please review what digital citizenship is with your child and the Virtual Meeting Guidelines attached to this letter. This will greatly assist our teachers with the digital instruction for your children.

    Digital citizenship is having the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to demonstrate responsible, respectful and safe behavior when using technology or participating in digital environments. A good digital citizen is someone who understands the rights and responsibilities that come with being online and someone who uses technology in a positive way.

    Halloween We will not be able to do our traditional parade. A Students can dress up in appropriate costumes on Tuesday, October 27th. On Wednesday, October 28th, our remote students can dress up if they would like and hybrid students could also dress up again on this day, and our B Students can dress up and wear their costumes to school on Friday, October 30th. Costumes should not be sent in by parents in a bag. Instead, if students wish to wear a costume to school, they should come dressed and this should not include anything on their face and shouldn't interfere with their ability to learn. No inappropriate costumes will be allowed. No weapons, bloody, or gory costumes. We must continue to see and expect all students to wear their face coverings as they do each day. As for candy or food, we are unfortunately not allowing this. We must be very careful about the handling of items. We just cannot risk allowing students to bring in any items to pass out.

    I've been working with our PTO and they have purchased small white pumpkins for each student to decorate along with their own glitter pen. They will also be providing a small gift bag. These items have all been sitting for a period of time and will be distributed to all classrooms. They will be handed out on October 27th and 30th for our Hybrid Students. Any time the week of October 26th fully remote student's parents may pick up a pumpkin and bag. They will be available for only the fully remote students in the front entryway Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday from 9-2pm.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the procedures and protocols covered in this letter, please feel free to contact me. I appreciate your continued support!

    Jeffrey S. Mochrie
    Theodore Roosevelt Elementary

    virtual classroom etiquette

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  • Message from the Principal

    Posted by Mr. Jeffrey Mochrie on 6/30/2015
    Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members of Theodore Roosevelt Elementary,
    My philosophy of education is rooted in the partnership of school and home.  I strongly believe that there are three main components to successfully educate our students.  First, the school and all the resources it provides especially a devoted staff.  Second, the students with all their strengths and needs eagerly awaiting development.  Third, the support and collaboration from home and the community.
    Please don’t hesitate to stop in to discuss anything or just say hello, my door is always open. I look forward to working with everyone! One final thought that I would like to leave you with is my vision for success at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary. 
    Keys to Success
    Under my leadership and with your support, following the keys to success we will work together to ensure that we build on the current foundation and create the best possible education for our students at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary.
    Mr. Jeffrey S. Mochrie
    Mr. Jeffrey S. Mochrie
    Theodore Roosevelt Elementary

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  • 100 Book Reading Club

    Posted by Mr. Jeffrey Mochrie on 6/29/2015
    100 Books Reading Club
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