• How do you join a Zoom meeting with your web browser?

    Sometimes, when the Zoom app is giving you trouble, you will need to join a Zoom meeting using your web browser (Google Chrome). Here is how you can accomplish this...

    1. Click the link for the Zoom meeting like you normally would do.

    2. If the Zoom app opens but is giving you issues, click on the icon for Google Chrome at the bottom of the screen. If the Zoom app does not open, you can skip this step.

    3. You will see a scren that looks soemthing like this...

      zoom screen

      Or this...

      zoom screen
    4. At the bottom of that screen you will see a link that says "Join from your browser"...click there.

    5. On the next screen, enter your name as you want it to appear in the meeting and then click "Join"

      enter name

    6. You should now be all set to participate in your Zoom meeting using the web.