Accessibility Statement

  • The Cheektowaga-Sloan Union Free School District is committed to making information on its website accessible to all online visitors, including those individuals with hearing, vision, or cognitive disabilities, so that they have equal opportunity to obtain the same results, gain the same benefits, and reach the same levels of achievement.

    The District has undertaken good-faith efforts to ensure that its website complies with the current New York State standards on website accessibility, which include conducting a regular and thorough audit of online content and functionality. The District will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all new, newly added, or modified online content and functionality will be accessible to people with disabilities.

    The District will consider the educational opportunities and benefits it provides through technology, how its technology provides these opportunities and benefits, whether the technology exists in a format that is accessible to individuals with disabilities, whether the technology can be modified, and the availability of a different technological device in making decisions that may affect access to its website. The District may address specific pages, information formats, or features; it may expressly identify the pages or information that may be deciphered by screen readers; and it may specify any readers that may need downloading on its website. Moreover, the District may provide links to information or features on its website to further assist users.

    If you find a page on our website is not accessible, please contact our webmaster at