Private/Parochial/Charter School Registration Information

  • All students residing within our school district boundaries need to be registered with the district, whether they attend one of our public schools or are placed in a school of their choice.

    Transportation for Private/Parochial/Charter School

    • Bus transportation to and from the private/parochial/charter school is available from the Cheektowaga-Sloan UFSD. 
    • A transportation request (along with three proofs of residency) is required in order to receive this service. 
    • Transportation requests must be renewed each school year.
    • Existing private/parochial/charter students:
      • There is a deadline of April 1st to submit a new transportation form for the next school year. 
      • Failure to submit your transportation form and residency proofs on time will result in no bus service to and from the private/parochial/charter school. 
    • New private/parochial/charter students:
      • Complete your transportation request at the time of registration.
      • Your request will be honored at any point in the year because you are registering as a new student at that school. 
      • The April 1st deadline does not apply for your first year at a private/parochial/charter school.