• Homework

    Every day after school, your child will be required to read a few pages of the HOP workbook or read a story. This program will help your child learn predictable phonics skills along with “rule breaker” words like sight words. There are 5 short vowel, 3 beginning blends, and 6 advanced phonics workbooks. Along with this program, there are 30 storybooks that your child will read as they go through the program.
    • Please practice every day.
    • Return it to school every day, we will check their progress daily.
    • Use the sticky note to guide you through the workbook.
    • Please do not mark the workbook; the teachers will mark them as they master each page.
    • It is important that your child is fluent (reading smoothly) before moving onto the next page. If your child is not fluent, practice sounding out words, blending together, saying sounds in head (sub voicing), then reading words whole.As your child moves through the program, you will be impressed with how their reading improves. 
    Students will also have reading and math homework nightly.
    Also, have your child review their math facts and sight words.