• Homework 

    Practice math facts at home! 
    At school we practice one week addition, the next subtraction.
    10 minutes a night does make a HUGE difference.  
    Here are some quick, easy ideas...

    Monday Music:  
    Listen to one song on the radio and see how many flashcards you can get right.  
    Listen to the same song again, if you have an ipod and try to beat your first score.
    Tic Tac Toe Tuesday:
    Using flashcards and a tic tac toe board, take turns with a partner. If you get a flashcard right put an X or O on the board.  Play like regular tic tac toe, three in a row wins.
    Wednesday War:
    Using regular playing cards (minus the jacks, queens and kings), play with a partner.  Each player flips 2 cards,  adds the numbers up and the player with the most wins.  If it is a tie, flip another card and add all 3 numbers up.  Aces count as 1.  Remember to do subtraction too.
    Thursday Bingo Game:
    Make a simple bingo board with numbers (up to 10 for first graders/20 for second graders).  Use flashcards, solving each problem and covering up the correct number.  Fill in a line and win.
    Timed Test Friday:
    See if you can solve 35 flashcards in 3 minutes.