My goal for your child is to be a successful learner.  I am here for your child to encourage them or lend a helping hand.  Children learn by doing and that is what you will find in my classroom.  The students are actively engaged in various tasks that relate to real life.
       * Homework Hotline - 897 - 7800 ext. 3208   
          Please check this daily for assignments.  It is usually done by 4:00pm.
       * The B.E.A.R. (Bring Everything Always Ready) binder will be taken home every evening.     
          Please check all pockets and sleeves in the binder for homework, old work and important 
       * Homework sheet is to be initialed daily.  If your child is struggling or doesn't understand the                
          concepts, please jot a little note to let me know.  The students will have spelling, reading and
          math homework every day.  Please have your child read for at least 15 minutes daily.
       * The students will be bringing home daily at least one reading book from the classroom
           (Baggie Books).  They are expected to read this book, record it on their 
           reading sheet and bring it back in the same condition in their plastic bag.
       * Your child will receive numerical grades on his/her classwork.  On the report card, you
          will see the rubric below in which your child will be assessed.
                      4 - exceeds New York State standards
                      3 - meets New York State standards
                      2 - progressing toward the New York State standards
                      1 - area of concern (remediation)
       * When your child brings home completed work, there will be a numerical grade on the paper
          such as a 9 out of 10.  
       * Report cards will be sent home in an envelope that will need to be signed and returned to 
          school.  The first report card will be given at Parent/Teacher conferences in December.
       * The Agent of the Week is a program that features a student for the week.  During this time,
          the other students learn about your child and his/her favorite things.  You will be invited to 
          come in and read or send in his/her favorite book to be read to the class.  Please send in pictures 
          to put up on the wall so that they can tell the class about themselves.  A letter will be sent home
          informing you as to the week that your child has been chosen and gives you a choice of days 
          and times to select from to visit the class.
       * The children will earn "coins" based on their character and behavioral choices throughout the
          day.  Not only does this foster responsibility, it allows them to practice their money and 
          addition/subtraction skills.  It also teaches them about saving their money if they want to earn
          larger prizes.  They will be able to redeem their coins for prizes once they earn the required                
          amounts.  If there are any major behavioral concerns, I will write you a note
          on their homework sheet or give you a call. 
       * Each month I will be sending home order forms for Scholastic Book Clubs.  If you choose
          to order books, please make sure that your child's name is on the order form and on the 
          front of the envelope.  You may make one check out to Scholastic Book Clubs for all order
          forms or send in the exact amount in cash for the order.  You can also order online too.  
          There are wonderful books at fabulous prices through this club.
       * Please replenish your child's supplies throughout the year.  Glue sticks and pencils are the
          first items to get used up.  
       If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to give me a 
       call at 897 -7800 ext. 3208 or email me.  We are partners in your child's education and success.