Holiday Celebration Wish List

  • No items from bulk section. Candy must be prepackaged 
    individually wrapped items. Snack size bags of chips
    if possible.

    Capri Sun - Cherry or Fruit Punch
    Cheetos Cheese Puffs
    Dove Silky Smooth Promises - Milk Chocolate
    Ritz Handi Snack Crackers in cheese dip
    Teddy Grahams - Honey, Apple, Choc. Chip, or Mixed Berry
    Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Rollups, Fruit by the foot, or Gushers
    Doritos - Nacho Cheese
    Rold Gold Pretzels
    Fritos - original
    Cheetos Crunchy Cheese
    Sunchips - original
    Lays chips - classic or wavy
    Pringles - Original or Sour Cream and Onion
    Oreo Cookies - Original, Double stuffed, or Golden (yellow package)
    X Gold Fish - Cheddar