About Mrs. Fitzner


    Welcome to the Elementary Vocal/General Music Web Page. I am Mrs. Fitzner, the Vocal/General Educator for Theodore Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson Schools. I have been teaching for over 21 years and continue to enjoy every moment of it. I have taught General/Vocal Music for all of my career, focusing primarily in K-5 music. I am Level I Orff-Schulwerk Certified through Eastman School of Music. My philosophy of teaching is to teach music through singing, dancing, playing, and creating. As part of my curriculum, students in General Music (K-5) engage in multiple activities integrating ELA and Math. We also integrate science and history into each 
    music lesson. 
    When I am not teaching music or doing something for music, I love to spend time with my family. I have a husband and a son as well as a crazy dog and cat. We enjoy camping, going to our property to hike and play around, and we love to just be together. On my own time, I love to read books and scrapbook with my pictures. 

    I hope that you find the music room as enjoyable as I do!

    The Music Classroom Rules are the same for both TR & WW:
    • Make music fun
    • Use your best behavior always
    • Sing with your best voice
    • Instruments deserve tender loving care
    • Courteous and kindness always

    Theodore Roosevelt:

    The General Music Room at TR is set up in the same manner as WW, with a few changes. Students at TR will learn a wide variety of folk songs and repertoire while learning about steady beat (the foundation in music), singing voice (including the development and knowledge in learning how to sing), and the beginning rhythmic fundamentals. Students will also learn about composers of music and much more. There will be times of singing, dancing, listening, and playing the instruments. All of which are key to the art of music.
    Woodrow Wilson:
    The General Music Room at WW takes the concepts and foundations learned at TR and applies them in a more advanced fashion at WW. Students will continue to learn about singing, dancing, playing, and being creative. However, they will partake in performing in an ensemble setting, with multiple instruments playing at the same time. We will also take an in depth look at how to read and play music with our recorder unit. 
    Mrs. Fitzner