Info for Parents/Students
    We will try to get info to you that might be helpful to you as you navigate time away from school.
    Students are expected to complete work in the packets provided or on Google classroom. Packets will be collected at some point, we just do not have plan for that at this time.
    Student emails are now active in the google classroom environment. Students can now receive and send emails directly to their teachers. You must sign into google classoom to use these emails. Feel free to email your teachers with any questions you may have.
    Many teachers are setting up google meet sessions to assist students with classwork. Students are receiving this information in google classroom as well as in the packets that were sent home.
    The District website will continue to post important information as well.
    Don't forget to go to TR for food pick ups.
    Here is a site with lots of on line resources and free subscriptions:
    Here is the JFK Middle School YouTube channel...check it out everyday!!

    Here is a site that students can go to for free to learn coding. There will be weekly lessons live for students as well. It's all free! Go to

    Keeping it simple:
    Here are a few helpful sites
    Launching Today: Take a Code Break is launching Code Break: This will be weekly live lessons that you can participate in, go to and check it out.

    While most students may not love homework, they do love the chance to be creative and have fun on Students can develop life-changing skills at home by making their own app or game and sharing it with family and friends.