Varsity Club

  • Varsity Club 
    Club Advisors: Mr. Snyder and Mrs. Mehnert
    The varsity K works hand in hand with the Girls Athletic Association to coordinate activities, fundraisers and sell athletic apparel to the student body and community.   The main goal for our club is to raise money for trophies for our student athletes at the end of sports seasons.  The athletic department purchases one sports season, we buy for one season and the G.A.A. purchases the final season. 
     The Annual Volleyball Tournament will be on Wednesday February 27th from 2:30pm-5pm in the H.S. gym.
    The cost is $15 per team.  You must be academically eligible to participate.  See Mr. Snyder or Mrs. Mehnert for 
    Pictured below is the 2018 - 2019 Varsity K Council.  Left to Right:
    Jordan Michalski/Treasurer, Zack Manzella/President/Andy Cegielski/Vice-President, Daniel Kurowski/Secretary