Making Thinking Visible

  • Based on the work of Ron Ritchhart and Harvard Project Zero, THINKING Routines provide learners with structures to introduce and explore new ideas, synthesize and organize thoughts, and dig deeper for greater understanding. By implementing Thinking Routines into the learning, students have a visual record of their thinking, which enables them to practice observing, interpreting, and sharing all while deepening their learning. 
    Below, are a collection of the Thinking Routines, either from the Harvard Zero Project or developed by our own team of teachers, that address specific skills within the Language Arts curriculum. In order for a Thinking Routine to be successful, teachers must ensure that the routine
    1. is explicitly taught, modeled, and reinforced
    2. is integrated into the curriculum regularly
    3. is part of the culture for learning
    Thinking Routines/Tools for Introducing and Exploring New Ideas
    The Main Idea Tool [gr 3-8, SWD, ELL] 
    The Connection Tool [gr 6, 7, 8]
    Thinking Routines/Tools for Exploring and Organizing Ideas
    The Headline Tool - Template, Poster [gr 6, 7, 8]
    Thinking Routines/Tools for Digging Deeper into Ideas 
    The STOP & Think Multiple Choice Reflection Tool - Template, Poster [gr 3-8]