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    Cheektowaga-Sloan Union Free School District
    166 Halstead Avenue, Sloan, NY 14212
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    Superintendent of Schools: Mrs. Andrea L. Galenski
    In 1890, the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad shops were established in the western part of the Town of Cheektowaga, just east of the Buffalo city line. This area around the railroad yards became the site of the village of Sloan, March 17, 1896, and was quickly populated by the Polish and German people who came to work in the railroad yards. In February 1889, the Cheektowaga Union Free School District No. 9 was established; this district included the entire Village of Sloan and a small part of the adjacent rural area. The schools, which were quickly established, were located within the village itself. In 1899 the district was extended eastward to Kennedy Road and southward to William street.
    According to our minute books, the Board of Education at their meeting on July 14, 1914, made a motion to combine District No. 6 with District No. 9 which is the southeast corner of the present district and the small area of West Seneca from Clinton Street to Buffalo Creek. These are the present geographical limits of the district. This consolidation of these districts, one of the first in the State of New York, is significant because it established a dominant pattern in school district reorganization within the state.
    The Cheektowaga-Sloan Schools border the City of Buffalo and are located in the southwest corner of the Town of Cheektowaga. The District encompasses the Village of Sloan, a portion of South Cheektowaga, and a portion of the Town of West Seneca. The District maintains four schools, John F. Kennedy High School (9-12), John F. Kennedy Middle School (6-8), Theodore Roosevelt Elementary (Pre-K–2), and Woodrow Wilson Elementary (3-5), serving a student population of approximately 1,435. The District employs a professional staff of 143 and a support staff of 97.
    The District is committed to meeting the needs of all of its students and maximizing each student’s ability. At the High School, major emphasis is placed on academic subjects. The teacher consultant/co-teaching model is used for those students with additional academic needs. Approximately 82% of graduates continue on to advanced educational institutions. Students are given opportunities to receive college credit in advanced placement subjects such as English, math and social studies. Seniors also can earn college credit while still in high school by participating in the Early Admission Program at nearby universities. Many options are available in occupational education courses. Students with special needs are assisted through specialized programs including modified and self-contained classes, remedial courses in math, reading, writing and social studies. Numerous extra-curricular programs, including fine arts, journalism, athletics and community service, enhance the students’ total educational program.
    The John F. Kennedy High School, previously known as Sloan High School, was dedicated in 1962 and named in honor of President John F. Kennedy during his term in office, the first such school to honor him. The thirteen and one half-acre campus is located in the suburban community of Cheektowaga. Before 1997, the building housed grades 7-12, however it has since been divided into separate middle and high school facilities. The high school provides learners with many amenities, including access to innovative computer technologies such as PC and MAC computers, iPads, and other mobile devices; science laboratories, technology shop labs, and orchestra rooms; auditorium and gymnasium facilities with a natatorium; and a full service cafeteria. The campus also includes a football, track and field stadium, tennis courts, baseball and softball diamonds, soccer fields and additional practice fields.
    John F. Kennedy High School strives to set high expectations for all learners in order to ensure that they are college and career ready. The school provides learners with a variety of opportunities to, not only meet their individual goals, but to help them realize their dreams. The school’s educational program is designed based on a 21st century learning model which emphasizes pathways for success in the areas of Humanities, The Arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), and Business and Career. Within each pathway, students are able to accelerate their course work through advance placement, honors classes, or college credit bearing coursework.
    For those students who are experiencing difficulties in meeting grade-level expectations, JFK HS offers workshop in English, Math, Science, and/or Social Studies. Through small group instruction, students will have a scheduled time to receive additional support tailored to their individual academic needs. Another support structure in place at the high school is the Academic Learning Center, or ALC. Using a college model for student initiated support and remediation, the ALC supports all learners through curriculum and instruction designed to meet college and career readiness expectations. Services offered include online learning and credit recovery, small group re-teaching and tutoring with teachers or peers, skills development (study strategies, organization and time management, and test taking skills), homework support, Regents preparation and remediation, and even SAT and ACT prep.
    At the John F. Kennedy Middle School, the faculty and staff are dedicated to creating a positive learning environment that recognized the unique needs and talents of adolescents by combining character education with a curriculum based on critical thinking in order to create lifelong learners prepared for an ever-changing global society. 
    The educational program at the middle school addresses the needs of our diverse learning population by providing learners with opportunities for acceleration, enrichment, as well a support services. Currently, the middle school offers acceleration in math and science, which lead to Regents credit in Common Core Integrated Algebra and Earth Science. Students who are excelling in their coursework may also be placed into honors level courses in ELA and math, which creates a solid foundation and the potential for them to progress seamlessly on a pathway toward Advance Placement courses in high school.
    Support services are available to all students with an emphasis on building literacy and math foundational skills, providing assistance with class assignments and homework, as well as other forms of remediation. Academic learning supports are provided to all students through the middle school Academic Learning Center (ALC), Tuesday through Friday. Finally, students and staff are further enriched by the middle school’s formalized partnership with Buffalo State College, which offers specialized one-on-one tutoring and classroom support from educators enrolled in the college’s teacher education and preparation program. The consultant teacher model is available for students with a disability and there is one district self-contained (15:1:1) classroom for students in grade 6-8.
    Students in middle school are introduced to the languages and cultures of either France or Spain, as well as music, the arts, and technology. The middle school’s physical education curriculum promotes the philosophy of fitness for life. Students are offered in array of extra-curricular programs in the arts, music and sports. All students are involved in Character Education development through building initiatives centered on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and building-wide character education activities. 
    Woodrow Wilson Elementary School is located in the Village of Sloan for students in grades 3, 4, and 5. Woodrow Wilson is committed to providing an educational environment which promotes learning and where all students are given the opportunity to not only experience measurable academic growth, but to experience significant social and emotional growth as well. We are confident that our educational environment at Woodrow Wilson will enable all students to maintain a positive self-concept. We have created and implemented a strong bully-prevention program, which emphasizes good character, how to be a good friend, and how to handle bullying. Students also participate in a behavioral program called PBIS, which stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, where they are eligible to win incentives for appropriate behavior in the classroom and throughout the school. 
    Teachers have implemented the Common Core Learning Standards, where high expectations and rigorous activities are taught in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. Students participate in many interactive and engaging learning activities, including the use of technology, discussion with their peers and cooperative learning. The use of the Accelerated Reader program promotes independent reading, and each student has a goal that they must reach each marking period. The library serves as a hub for learning, reading, research, and to foster students’ love for reading.
    Theodore Roosevelt School in the Town of Cheektowaga houses Pre-K and Kindergarten through second grade. Our teachers are committed to “building a foundation for personal growth and learning”. The emphasis of our educational program is placed on the whole child so that he/she can grow academically, socially, physically, culturally and emotionally.
    The primary use of technology is to support the goals of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and culture for learning. The District’s technology will allow its citizens to be more efficient and provide more time for students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. The District will provide appropriate and equitable access to technology for all faculty and students. District technology will allow collaboration between teachers, students, and the community and help each stakeholder work and learn within a 21st-century environment.