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     A special thank you to the Retzer Family, J.J, Jacquie Smith and Markus Bridenbaker for presenting shaken baby syndrome to our health classes.
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    Health Classes Receive Annual Lesson in Parenting

    In December, John F. Kennedy High School Health classes were given a presentation on Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).  The demonstration was given by Jacquie Smith, Markus Bridenbaker, district resident Kevin Retzer, and J.J.

    The lesson was put together to create awareness of SBS and give the students a real feel of a person suffering the effects from the abuse.  In addition to creating awareness to high school students, we would like to spread the word to the community, and the entire world, of the truths of this abuse.  In a matter of 3 seconds, a baby can have permanent damage to their brain and body.  Severe shaking may even cause death.  The disabilities created by shaking a baby last a lifetime.  Yet, in most cases, the abusers spend only a few years, if not less, in prison. 

    The Retzer family was an integral part of starting J.J.’s Law.  This law, created in honor of their nephew J.J., allows authorities to look farther in an abusers’ past for criminal activity and poses harsher penalties for anyone convicted of abusing a child.  Creating awareness is another vital part of sending a message to future parents to simply ask for help, or take a break when a baby cries. 

    April is Child Abuse Prevention month.  You can also get more information about J.J.’s Law at https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForJj/.