HS PTO & Sports Club

    The 2018-2019 PTO Officers

    Stephanie Dombrowski – President – 445-1460

    Lisa Fischer -  Vice President – 698-0383

    Nicole Zawadzki – Secretary – 907-0172

    Lisa Fischer – Treasurer – 698-0383



    A lot goes on behind the scenes by the officers of the High School PTO and Sports Club.  We work very hard to support the students and athletes of the high school.  Fundraising for the PTO and Sports Club is difficult at the high school level due to the individual grade levels, and clubs doing their own fundraising.  We wanted to come up with fundraisers that not only included the school, but the community as well.  The last two school years we have had two very successful fundraisers, one being a Meat Raffle and the other a Six Month Daily Lottery Ticket.

    The High School PTO raised over $6,300.00 at our first Meat Raffle last year.  We donated the money raised to Drama Club for repairs to the soundboard in the Greenauer Auditorium, new microphones, and tech support for drama productions.  Repairing, and replacing those sound devices benefits both the High School and Middle School events such as band and choir concerts, Battle of the Air Bands, talent shows, student assemblies, and community events held in the Greenauer Auditorium. It was evident that the money on the sound was well spent after watching and listening to this year’s Drama Club production of Grease.  The sound was phenomenal!

    Every year the High School PTO covers the cost of the Senior Breakfast for all seniors and their families.  In addition to that we contribute $900.00 towards the PTO Senior Scholarship Fund. We like to make the little things a bit more fun too.  At Halloween the PTO supplied donut holes and cider to all high school students in costume.  Bagels, cookies, hot chocolate, and juice were supplied to the students for a pre Homecoming tailgate.   We also like to remember the faculty and staff.  At Christmas time we show our appreciation by treating the faculty and staff to cookie platters, candies, coffee, and juice.

    Sports Club for the second year has had a Six Month Daily Lottery Ticket fundraiser.  Due to that one fundraiser Sports Club has been able to go above and beyond to help the teams and athletes.  Many coaches have come to us with requests for their teams.  Requests are reviewed and taken into consideration based on cost and need.  Just about all requests have been fulfilled.

    Requests have been met by paying for items such as swim team jackets, the cost of non-league baseball games, basketball warm up suits,  football jerseys, cheerleading team music, volleyball jerseys, volleyball nets and pads, pitching machine for softball, five stationary bikes for the weight room, custom made canopy pop up tent with school name and logo for Cross Country and Track, accessorized with a sidewall and deluxe roller bag. We also fund the district and community wide Bon Fire.

    In total, the High School PTO and Sports Club has provided the school, students, and athletes with purchases totaling $16,164.00.

    We would like to thank all those who have supported the High School PTO and Sports Club. Your support is much needed, and appreciated. We hope we can count on your continued support as it always benefits the students.

    For more information on our current and upcoming fundraisers, please see our PTO link under the High School section of the website, or feel free to contact any of our officers.


    If you haven't done so please sign up for the Tops in Education fundraising program: www.topsmarkets.com/education

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    From the JFK Parents Sports Club:

    We recently added a request form below to help out teams with expenses beyond their reach.

    The requests need to be for team items such as help with tournament fees, transportation fees, training or equipment to stay within the school.

    Please keep request reasonable. If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Dombrowski.

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